South Korea software mogul joins presidential race

With less than 90 days left before this year’s South Korean presidential election, computer software mogul Ahn Cheol-soo has announced his presidential bid as an independent, turning the campaign into a three-way race.

A former physician, founder of a software company and a professor at Seoul National University, the 50-year-old Ahn last week suddenly became a dark-horse candidate popular among voters in their 20s and 30s.

Even before his announcement, polls showed Ahn closing in on Park Geun-hye, 60, a five-term legislator with the ruling New Frontier Party who is seen as the strongest candidate to succeed President Lee Myung-bak.

Park, the first female presidential candidate in Korea, is the daughter of former dictator Park Chung-hee, who ruled Korea from 1961 until his assassination in 1979.

Along with Park, Ahn is also running against the opposition Democratic United Party’s Moon Jae-in. Moon, a former chief of staff to late President Roh Moo-hyun, has been on the rise since easily winning the left-leaning party’s primary.

Some analysts noted that Ahn’s entry in the race could draw votes away from

Software Testing Framework – Maintain Your Business Competitiveness

In today’s technology driven era, the significance of Software development in managing multiple and wide array of business tasks cannot be denied. Professional developers develop products depending upon business requirements of their clients. Apart from having adequate knowledge regarding different programming languages, every developer should follow software development life cycle, which defines different set of tasks that require to be followed during the process of development.

Different steps involved in this life cycle includes conceptualizing, prototyping, architecture/ design, coding and testing. In fact, testing is a strategic element of the entire software development life cycle and is crucial for any company to maintain its competitiveness among customers and partners.

It is indeed a process of technical analysis to reveal quality-related information about the product and includes the process of executing an application or a program with the intent of finding errors. Service providers follow an interactive framework to ensure quick testing. Automation testing is a system or an environment where automated tests are executed. It is defined as the set of norms, concepts, and practices that create a platform for automated testing.

Besides being application independent, they are easy to maintain and perpetuate. There

Future of Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Organizations

To get a view of future scenario of enterprise resource planning software it is necessary to understand the present scenario of ERP in terms of its optimum utilization, ignored areas and untouched sectors. ERP has become an integral part of business today due to its proven benefits and huge capacities but it is very easily evident that there is much to be explored and need to give up a previously set goal.


Gone are the days when ERP software was meant for large and big business organizations only which have capacity of investing money in millions. Today with the introduction of SaaS model, ERP on demand and cloud computing, ERP software has come in the reach of small and medium sized companies which has opened gates for ERP vendors to capture new markets. Simply reduced cost, integration and interaction of different departments, capacity to work with different set of rules and regulation, multi currency, multi lingual, web store and SFA are not just the features which are going to suffice the needs of small and medium sized

How 21Vianet Is Leading the Way for Cloud Computing Growth in China

Chinese Internet data center services provider 21Vianet is breaking new ground in an effort to provide best-in-class, cloud-based solutions and services required by China’s largest enterprise organizations.

Who is 21Vianet?

21Vianet, which operates in 44 cities across China, is China’s largest carrier-neutral Internet data center services provider. The company offers typical Internet data center services such as hosting, content delivery network services, managed network services, and cloud infrastructure services. 21Vianet maintains an extensive fiber optic network and uses its own smart routing technology to deliver data reliably and efficiently.

Like other large Internet data center services providers, 21Vianet is increasingly embracing cloud computing. In fact, 21Vianet’s two recent partnerships are positioning 21Vianet as a leader for cloud computing growth in China.

21Vianet Partners with Major Technology Providers

Earlier this year, the company invested in Aipu Group, one of China’s largest regional ISPs. As a result, 21Vianet now owns about half of the company and is its largest single shareholder.

The Aidu Group investment was but one of several strategic moves 21Vianet made. 21Vianet has recently partnered with major technology providers including Microsoft, Huawei, IBM, and Aryaka:

    • Aryaka – This deal incorporated

Excel Tip – How To Generate Random Numbers In Excel

Excel has a great built in function for generating random numbers. This function in Excel can be used for lots of reasons, but one of the main reasons I tend to generate random numbers is to populate and test Excel worksheets as I develop them. If I am developing a spreadsheet solution then it is great for giving my formulas and functionality a great workout. It can help identify any issues with formulas or calculation.

For example, say we want to generate a list of random numbers for sales figures for a fictional company to test a spreadsheet solution. We want to generate and use for testing a range of numbers between 10,000 to 100,000. This will represent how many business leads each of our fictional sales employees Excel’s built in random number generator is ‘RANDBETWEEN’.

This formula will allow you to specify the range of numbers Excel has to pick from. The syntax for the formula is as below


BOTTOM – This represents the lowest or bottom number the function should use in the calculation

TOP – This represents to the highest or top number the function should use in

Product Data Management – empowering small scale industries

The garment and apparel industries, whether of small or large scale, worldwide face the pressure of adapting to the changing markets, and consumer trends from time to time. Manufacturing in time, to meet the fluctuating and speedy demands, requires a sophisticated and organized system that provides timely solutions.

Producers today have a host of different software systems to choose from, like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) to name a few. But these solutions have so far been limited to and procured by large scale industries. Product Data Management (PDM) is developed keeping in mind small textile companies and their requirements. Software like this gives them a competitive edge and help remove bottlenecks pertaining to product data management.

The process of product development requires recording and communicating details of a particular garment to members involved in it. The traditional paper based method of procuring data is time-consuming and prone to errors. Retrieving and sharing information by the conventional means lacks efficiency and are not cost effective. Product management software is what comes handy and simplifies the otherwise complex procedure. The Product Data Management software (PDM) provides just that and

Bob Wallace, 53 Pioneer in Computer Software

Bob Wallace, a computer software pioneer and an early Microsoft employee who struck out on his own in the early 1980s by launching the Seattle-based Quicksoft software company, has died. He was 53.

Wallace, who believed that being a computer programmer was the best way to enhance the mind and in recent years sold books about hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs on a Web site, died at his home Sept. 20 in San Rafael, Calif. The results of an autopsy are pending.

As owner, president and chief programmer of Quicksoft, which he founded in 1983, Wallace used an unorthodox marketing strategy, called “shareware,” to sell the word processing program he wrote, PC-Write.

Operating under the philosophy of “making a living, not a killing,” Wallace encouraged users to copy and share the $10 PC-Write diskette and then pay to register the program after trying it out.

users who paid the $75 annual registration fee received the benefits of a printed manual, telephone support, Quicksoft’s newsletters and two program updates.

“I don’t worry about the people who don’t register,” Wallace told

Retail Management Software Solutions for Multiple Functions

Retail Management Software Solutions can help in boosting your sales and reducing the cost thereby increasing profit margins. It can help both directly and indirectly in helping you gain and retain customers. You can secure key information on transactions, taxes, customer details, etc. The easing of complicated processes results in swift service which results in customer satisfaction. Your customers will give you repeated business, if technology assists you in serving them better.

The data recorded and generated in retail management software solutions get stored in a single database that serves the data to all the required systems. A retail business owner merely has to set aside some time to monitor the accurate reports each and every day on the sales, taxes, revenues, incomes and profits. It performs a string of calculations that are interrelated. From inventory management to order processing to highest sold items, retail management software solutions would be the most ideal technology for your business.

If the bills are processed quicker and if your customers are sent back home with their purchases with a short waiting time, they would vastly appreciate it. Retail management software solutions do not only process orders and calculate them.

Microsoft hoping users will get friends, family to leave Windows XP

Microsoft plans to end support for Windows XP on April 8, but there are still many users whose computers run the outdated software. That’s why the company has asked tech-savvy users to encourage their friends to upgrade their computers or buy new ones.


In a recent blog post, the Redmond, Wash., company said readers of its Windows blog are likely running a more modern version of the operating system, but their friends and family may not be.

“We need your help spreading the word to ensure people are safe and secure on modern up-to-date PCs,” Microsoft said in its blog.

Microsoft will no longer run tech support for users of the 12-year-old Windows XP software or issue updates that protect the operating system from viruses after April 8. The problem is many users still run Windows XP and either don’t want to upgrade their machines or don’t know that they need to.

In the post, Microsoft said tech-savvy users should encourage their friends to

L.A. County computer screening could produce get-out-of-jail card

In a jail system facing overcrowding and under growing pressure to release inmates early, one of the most difficult questions confronting the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is: Who do you let out?

Officials hope a key part of the answer is computer software that can sift through a matrix of “psychometric” data, including a 137-question survey, and help identify inmates who seem least likely to commit new crimes.

The questionnaire delves into personal histories: Were your parents divorced or separated? Have you or your friends ever used drugs? Have you ever belonged to a gang? The questions also probe inmates’ personalities and emotional makeup, including their ability to manage anger: “Some people see me as a violent person. Do you ‘strongly disagree,’ ‘disagree,’ ‘not sure,’ ‘agree,’ ‘strongly agree?’ “

The department has already surveyed about 3,400 inmates, and the screening program placed about 45% in low-risk categories, meaning that they could be eligible to serve their sentences outside of jail with electronic monitoring.

Reducing the inmate population is crucial because jails are filling up, mostly due to the state’s prison realignment program