Simple Ways to Make Web Based Project Management Easier

Projects by their very nature are complex. This is especially true when the project has multiple parts and individuals assigned to specific tasks. When combined with a web element, these projects can become a problem. When it comes to web based project management, there are a few simple ways to sort through the information and increase productivity. Lets take a look at a few of these.

Tracking progress

One of the hardest things to do in web based project management is tracking progress. Whether it is tracking the tasks you are currently doing, or the multiple people who are working on the project, knowing where everyone is can be extremely helpful. The best way to speed up this process and reduce confusion is through tracking and self-report. This frequently involves using an app and having people report in a timely manner where they currently stand with their part of the project. This way, you can know how far along each person is, and what they are doing.


As a tool for web based project management, tracking progress is only possible if there is communication. The easier it is to request and send information relating to the project, the quicker the project will go. E-mails, drag-n-drop functionality, and messaging are all things that can help people working on the project effectively communicate. In addition, by agreeing to work within a network of similar software, you can make messaging multiple people at once simple. In the end, you should aim for the ability to send something out to multiple people at once, and have the infrastructure available for a conversation to take off on its own.

A Familiar Interface

When creating a management style for your web based project, ease of use is central to creating an effective system. The more familiar people are with things like messaging and tracking progress, the quicker the project will be completed. Though it may seem like you are drifting further from your project, spending a little time figuring out the infrastructure for how your web based project management will operate can save a great deal of frustration.

By focusing on ways to better track the progress of your project, opening up lines of communication, staying organized with your team, and creating an underlying infrastructure that serves your purpose, you can be well on your way to making your next web based project management easier.

Phil E Williams has been working with web based project management for over ten years. Phil is an expert in online project management and collaboration.

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