Why to Invest in Resource Scheduling Software

With the huge size of company bases, planning and scheduling of ever increasing company resources is not becoming any easier. Depending on-paper management or use of desktop applications like spreadsheets and project tools to manage resources can be difficult because managers lack a clear picture of what is going on with resources on the ground which causes inadequate utilization of resources including human resources which consequently leads to increased and unnecessary operation costs.

Without close monitoring, for shared resources, like rooms and facilities like labs and conference rooms, double booking will be a major problem which wastes a lot of valuable time.

A shortage or an excess of resources available to meet current and future demands is common with the increasing scope of management and planning of resources.

Before implementing a scheduling tool plan the workload involved to plan and manage resources would be immense which takes a toll on supervising managers not forgetting the large documentation that would be involved making it a costly affair.

All this affects the company’s profitability due to wastage and reduces its competitive edge. Company clients and customers will as a result be unsatisfied leading to major loss of market share. Under-utilization, especially of human resources results in unmotivated employees and hence low productivity.

However, Resource scheduling software comes in to help managers in proper and easier planning of processes and projects by;

– Creating visibility of all ongoing activities and future plans. It centralizes all the activities in one place giving an oversight of resource use and other activities rather than having to follow individual employees in different departments in order to keep track of things and get them in order. This helps keep employees engaged and gives further insight of staff utilization and capacity.

– It can be used to establish causes of process breakdown when it happens and problem is rectified in the shortest time possible to maintain smooth work flow.

– This software helps managers in task tracking, follow-up and sign off which is important to ensure accountability and responsibility of staff.

– Its ability to place tasks according to months, weeks, days and even hours enables the software to keep plans up to date and solves the problem of missing deadlines and also gives warnings and alerts to the user when important dates and time reaches.

– This software is able to keep a detailed record of resource gaps like holidays, absence, leaves and vacation, rented out and not in working condition resources, stating clearly the reasons for the gap.

– Managers using this tool are able to create work plans where they can schedule tasks and use of resources, reassign resources after completion of other tasks, add tasks and modify plan and details involved at any time and split the huge or difficult tasks.

-Effective for scheduling and management of company’s shared resources to prevent double booking and clash of planned programs.

– Is a useful tool for billing and accounting as it gives detailed records of expenditure on resources.

– The resource scheduling software’s ability to locate the current position and use of a certain resource makes the resource itself more secure and not prone to wrong or illegal use and also from pilferage and theft for mobile resources.

All this in result, leads to increased productivity in relation to resource utilization. Reduced costs involved in handling resources and cost resulting from breakdown. It also increases greatly, the efficiency of resources because it ensures maximum exploitation and for human resources it helps keep track of who is doing what and how well is he doing it.. It creates a competitive advantage for the company and more customer satisfaction narrowing down to a profitable company. Use of this kind of application would be a worthy investment.

eResource Scheduler is a resource scheduling software. It can be used by various users at the same time i.e. it is a multi-user tool for managing your organizational resources. It offers many features that are very helpful for taking care of your resources. This software always keeps the record of bench time of a resource. There are also many features that are provided by this software.

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